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Restore. Rejuvenate. Repair. Relax.

Photography courtesy of Mardelian Farm


Unique bath mix blends with the right ingredients can offer a pure and natural way to help relieve tension, soothe muscle aches after a workout, and even minimize daily stress.


Goats milk, goats milk, and more goat's milk are so good for your skin. Goats' milk is packed with vitamins and minerals. Relax as your body soaks in this natural, calming and ohhh so luxurious gift from nature.

Sea Salts contain traces of minerals like magnesium, which helps keep skin hydrated plus potassium and bromide, which gives your skin a soothing feeling and relieves aches. Soaking in sea salts helps to warm your body which aids in calming and relaxation. Sea Salts can also help to eliminate harmful bacteria from your skin which can promote the bodies natural ability to rejuvenate and better restore skin health.

Epsom salt, which is also found in our Mardelian Farm Milk Salt Bath Mixes, helps to restore magnesium and sulfate in your system, which can help assist in soothing sore muscles, softening skin, and relaxing the body. Epsom salt can also help calm the mind and help to promote rest and relaxation. Time spent in the calming waters is known to help with relaxation and can allow you that much-needed and oh-so-important 'down' time that can help you to be your very best you.

Activated Charcoal is a key ingredient in one of our unique Mardelian Farm Milk Salt Bath Mix blends. This natural wonder has been added to help combat and help remove those unwanted impurities and toxins from your skin. Activated Charcoal also offers a pure and natural way to help to purify and deep clean skin, and reduce the need for using harsh chemicals while cleaning skin.

Baking soda, is a key ingredient in our Milk Salt Bath Mix Blends and this helps to aid the body to heal, absorb unwanted odors, and help the skin fight against fungus plus helps calm skin irritation.

A warm bath can help improve mental and emotional health. In fact, an article from the Cleveland Clinic even goes as far as to promote having warm baths to help decrease stress hormones and help regulate mood. In addition, they also share that warm baths can also help soothe muscles and joints and also help to heal skin wounds.

Don't despair if you live in a home without the luxury of a soaking tub. Simply pull out a large container and use Mardelian Farm Milk Salt bath mix blends for the same soaking concepts with just your feet and hands.

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