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Castile Soap — Thousands of years in the making but needs a full year to be ready for use.

Originating from the Castile region of Spain, Castile soap has been made for hundreds and hundreds of years, based on ingredients found abundantly in the Mediterranean, especially olive oil. It’s completely free of animal fats and synthetic ingredients, making it great for your skin and great for the planet. It is completely biodegradable, lowering your personal impact and environmental damage. Castile soap has been found to be quite effective at cleaning minor wounds, as a natural deodorant, and even as a household cleaner. In fact, you could replace your dish soap, laundry detergent, and window cleaner with Castile soap, as a safe and effective alternative to a variety of cleaners on the market that is jam-packed with harsh chemicals. Always be sure to read instructions for dilutions if buying a concentrated version of Castile soap, as just a small amount can go a long way!


Multiple uses around the home are one thing, but can this also be used to reduce the number of personal products you use daily?


Castile soap can be used as a shampoo, gentle face wash, body wash, and hand soap (However, avoid using Castile soap on color-treated hair, as it is believed it can prematurely strip the color. We’re used to the fluffy lather of typical soaps, which is generally the result of sulfates that can be super drying and often cause skin irritation, which can possibly make skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis worse. Castile soap lathers naturally, without harsh sulfates. For this reason, Castile soap can be particularly great as a baby soap! Its natural antibacterial properties are thought to be a great alternative for both household cleaning and personal care. It’s also a great way to clean and sanitize your makeup brushes and sponges! Most brush cleaners can be expensive and might contain ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin. Castile soap is gentle enough to offer protection for your skin and considered to be effective enough to thoroughly clean your makeup brushes and sponges to prevent the growth of bacteria that is believed to be the greatest cause of acne.

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