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Milk Soap Triple-Pack

Milk Soap Triple-Pack

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3 — 7.5 oz. Jumbo Milk Soap Bars

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  • Ingredients:

    Oatmeal Bar

    Sodium Olivate (Olive oil), Caprae Lac (Goats' Milk), Sodium Cocoat (Coconut Oil), Sodium Palmate (Palm Oil), Sodium Shea Butteratel (Shea butter), Perfume (Fragrance), Kaolin(White Clay), Sodium Almondate (Sweet Almond Oil), Sodium Avocadate (Avocado Oil), Sodium Jojobate (Jojoba Oil), Avena sativa (Oat) Kernel Flour, Whole Oats


    Smooth Bar

    Sodium Olivate (Olive Oil), Caprae Lac (Goats' Milk), Sodium Cocoat (Coconut Oil), Sodium Palmate (Palm Oil, Sodium Shea Butteratel (Shea butter), Perfume (Fragrance), Kaolin (White Clay), Sodium Almondate (Sweet Almond Oil), Sodium Avocadate (Avocado Oil), Sodium Jojobate (Jojoba Oil)


    Black Bar

    Featuring Bentonite Clay & Activated Charcoal 


    Sodium Olivate (Olive Oil), Caprae Lac (Goats' Milk), Sodium Cocoat (Coconut Oil), Sodium Palmate (Palm Oil), Sodium Shea Butteratel (Shea butter), Perfume (Fragrance), Sodium Almondate (Sweet Almond Oil), Sodium Avocadate (Avocado Oil), Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba Oil), Bentonite (Bentonite Clay), Carbo activatus (Activate Charcoal)

  • Product Info:

    This triple-stack includes one 7.8 oz. Smooth Milk Soap Bar,  one 7.8 oz. Black Milk Soap Bar, and one 7.8 oz. Oatmeal Milk Soap Bar

  • Signature Scent:

    The unique signature honeysuckle almond scent found in Mardelian Farm’s goats’ milk products can best be described as a familiar aroma.  One of the vast open Virginia farmlands surrounded by acres of wild honeysuckle vines. One of Mother Nature’s sweetest ever offerings.

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