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Dish + Laundry Soap

Dish + Laundry Soap

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With Scrub Brush & Ceramic Bowl

  • Ingredients:

    Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Coconut Oil), Aqua(water), Sodium Hydroxide(Lye)*, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil (Castor Oil), Citrus Sinensis (Orange Essential Oil), Citrus Limon (Lemon Essential Oil), White Clay (Kaolin Clay)**


    *Lye-all naturally made soap contains lye. Lye disapates during the curing process. Lye is used in soap making to bond the oils and water/milk liquids together to for a salt that is then referred to as soap.  


    **Kaolin Clay is used to anchor the essential oils to the soap.


  • Product Info:

    To eliminate chemicals from your home as well as your body, we combine coconut oil and castor oil together mixed with adding citrus essential oils. This provides the cleaning power to help lift unwanted oils from surfaces. The attractive ceramic bowl and dish brush is easy to use and can be stored by the kitchen sink for scrubbing those stubborn dishes.  We also offer a double puck pack as a great way to keep one by the laundry and another by the kitchen sink.  


    Instructions :

    Add a small amount of water to the top of your Mardelian Farm Dish Cleanser and Laundry Stain Remover and use the brush to work up a lather. Use the lathered brush to scrub dishes, pots and pans and other kitchen surfaces.  


    laundry Instructions:

    Wet your puck under running water and work into a lather. Rub the bar directly on the stain releasing the soap onto the garment. Like all products try the product in an inconspicuous place on the garment to assure colorfastness. Wash the garment as usual. Always assure your stain has been lifted before you place any item in the dryer. Hint for use. Rub the bar on underarms and collars of shirts, before washing, to keep them fresh and stain free. Soft toothbrushes brushed gently on stains to dispense the soap is a great way to help remove stubborn stains. Again, always check for colorfastness.  

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